International solid waste management

International solid waste management

International solid waste management – overcoming challenges and creating opportunities

Ricardo's team of expert consultants can help you to develop sustainable, cost-effective solid waste management systems.

We have expert knowledge and appreciation of real-world solid waste management issues and can help you make effective decisions, taking into account the rapidly evolving economic, environmental, social and technological factors which may affect your organisation or municipality.

Ricardo’s waste team can support you in all aspects of resource efficiency and waste management, including areas such as waste strategy, stakeholder engagement, waste collection, recycling and treatment, energy from waste and other treatment disposal technologies, hazardous waste management. 

Our waste management services include:

  • Institutional restructuring and development of effective governance and regulatory bodies for waste management, including training programmes, capacity building and knowledge transfer.
  • Support in the development of policies and strategies on issues such as zero waste, waste to energy, resource efficiency and the circular economy.
  • Feasibility studies and options appraisal for waste management service improvement and infrastructure development.
  • Life-cycle analysis and greenhouse gas (GHG) emission modelling.
  • Procurement, contract development and publicprivate-partnership (PPP) approaches for waste management.
  • Dump site reviews and landfill assessment, planning and management.
  • Waste technology appraisals and due diligence, including conventional energy from waste, gasification, pyrolysis, mechanical biological treatment, composting, anaerobic digestion and materials reprocessing technologies.
  • Communications, stakeholder engagement and behavioural change studies and strategies.

Our experience with solid waste management

  • Developing an Integrated Waste Management Strategy and Implementation Plans for the capital city, ArRiyadh, of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Collating the UK’s GHG emissions inventory for the waste sector.
  • Providing the secretariat for the International Energy Agency Bio-Energy Task Force.
  • An international review of thermal and biological energy from waste technologies for the Environmental Technologies Institute.
  • Waste management strategy implementation and technical assistance for Metro Manila, Philippines on behalf of the Asian Development Bank.
  • A review of opportunities and challenges associated with waste to energy solutions for Zero Waste South Australia.

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