Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

Carbon capture, utilisation and storage

Advice on carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technologies

Ricardo has leading expertise and knowledge on many aspects related to carbon, capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) including technology evaluation and assessment, due diligence, techno-economic analysis, life cycle and environmental impact assessment, market analysis and supply chain evaluation.

Over the past decade, we supported both the public and private sectors on a wide range of CCUS topics. Our comprehensive understanding of the power generation and CO2 capture and industrial utilisation technologies as well as knowledge of the policy and regulatory landscape worldwide enables us to support our clients on many fronts.

Our previous work to date and services include:

  • Assessment of new innovative CO2 capture technologies

  • Concept development, feasibility studies and FEED studies

  • Whole system analysis and comparison of technologies covering gas, coal and biomass fuels in a wide range of sectors including power generation, chemicals, gas processing, refineries, iron & steel and cement

  • Life cycle emission analysis of energy systems with CCUS

  • Evaluation of policy mechanisms and review of worldwide regulatory regimes for supporting CCUS,

  • Development of innovative concepts for monitoring CCUS networks, 

  • Economic impact assessment of CCUS projects and assessment of value added to the UK from clean abatement technologies with CCUS,

  • Assessment and due diligence of CO2 removal technologies in the anaerobic digestion (AD) sector for biogas upgrading,

  • Evaluation of the CCS Directive on geological storage of CO2

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