Climate resilience and adaptation

Climate resilience and adaptation

Adapting to climate change for a more resilient future

Ricardo combines technical expertise with practical experience across all aspects of adaptation planning to help countries and institutions adapt to climate change. Our in-house adaptation expertise spans a wide range of sectors, most notably water, agriculture, ecosystems, disaster risk reduction and energy.

We have a proven track record of working with local, national, regional and international institutions and stakeholders to link climate adaptation and development goals, and provide policy and programme support for the design, implementation and assessment of climate-resilient solutions.

Through multidisciplinary approaches and partnerships with international and local organisations, our inter-linked services include:

  • National and sub-national adaptation planning
    Assessing vulnerabilities and adaptation options, supporting countries’ national adaptation plan (NAP) processes, linking NAP processes to implementation and formulation of adaptation goals in nationally determined contributions (NDCs)  and to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), horizontal (sectoral) and vertical integration, economic analysis, and procuring adaptation finance.
  • National programme design, support and donor harmonisation
    Scoping, feasibility analysis, programme design, institutional assessment, facilitating donor convergence and coordination, and programme review
  • Urban resilience
    Advising on urban environmental governance, peer-to-peer learning from city networks and smart cities
  • Sectoral expertise on climate mainstreaming
    Especially water, agriculture, ecosystems, energy, waste and disaster risk reduction
  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning
    Developing indicators, national, sub-national and programme monitoring and evaluation, and knowledge management
  • Climate change communication
    Developing knowledge products, best practice and guidance.

Our experience

  • ​Leading development of the State of Palestine’s NAP
  • Leading a study to identify The role of the NAP process in translating NDC adaptation goals into action
  • Leading development of the Quick Start Guide to NDC Implementation, including in relation to adaptation
  • Undertaking vulnerability assessments for three Indian states (Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Odisha) and prioritizing Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) works to improve the climate resilience of vulnerable people, especially women and girls
  • Undertaking economic analyses across seven sectors to substantiate costs of implementing the adaptation component of Zambia’s intended NDC and supporting development of the NAP
  • Supporting more than 15 countries with the development of (intended) NDCs, including their adaptation components
  • Improving gender mainstreaming within the UK International Climate Fund (ICF) by enhancing inclusion of women and girls in adaptation and mitigation investments and strategies
  • Developing learning materials on ‘leaving no-one behind’ and linking energy access to climate change adaptation in the context of UK Department for International Development’s (DFID) climate and environmental policy and programming
  • Undertaking an assessment and scoping study for DFID’s climate change programme in Bangladesh
  • Updating the Bangladesh Environmental Profile, including links between climate change impacts and livelihoods, poverty, migration, urban resilience and environmental governance
  • Developing a donor harmonisation strategy for Bangladesh development partners engaged in climate change adaptation and resilience projects and programmes
  • Designing the new small-scale renewable energy programme for Nepal, improving the climate resilience of associated technologies and leveraging finance from multiple domestic and international sources
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the long-term progress and impacts of the 100 Resilient Cities Programme
  • Supporting the development (2012) and evaluation (2017) of the EU Adaptation Strategy.
  • Conducting a mid-term review of UK Government's programme on Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation, including in-country review of projects in Bangladesh and Nepal
  • Designing South Africa’s monitoring and evaluation system for climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Developing a format and process for harmonised communication of Country Level Impacts of Climate Change (CLICC)
  • Developing adaptation knowledge, training and peer-to-peer engagement in 21 European cities, as part of the Adaptation Strategies for European Cities project
  • Prepared the ‘Vulnerability assessment, climate change impacts, and adaptation measures’ chapters for the EU’s 7th National Communication and the State of Palestine’s Initial National Communication to the UNFCCC.

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