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RapidAir® is a ground-breaking air quality dispersion modelling software that uses optimised methodologies to provide you with the ability to visualise air quality at high resolution, and to test the impact of development or mitigation scenarios in minutes. 

RapidAir's independent scientifically peer-review air quality dispersion model, has been used extensively to map local and regional air quality around the world, including Beijing, Cardiff, Derby, Fife, Jinan, London, Perth & Kinross and Southampton.

RapidAir enables city-scale air quality levels, including complex domains such as mega-cities, to be calculated and updated within a matter of minutes. The solution enables policy options to be developed, tested and refined with more speed and responsiveness than ever before.

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RapidAir capability

Air quality modelling expertise

In addition to the RapidAir solution, Ricardo also has a team of over 30 air quality modelling specialists who have supported organisations around the world, including designing, managing and operating the UK’s Air Quality Forecasting system for over 10 years.  If you need additional support with your air quality modelling and analysis, then Ricardo's expert air quality team is able to support you. 

Our team are experienced in using and developing models from a wide range of systems including RapidAir, AERMOD, AERMET, CMAQ, CALPUFF, MAAQ/Pollution Climate Model (Ricardo’s bespoke model for UK-wide air quality), ADMS 5, ADMS Roads and WRF.

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Papers and presentations

RapidAir has been presented at numerous technical conferences, and several peer-reviewed journals have been prepared to document its development and testing.   A small selection of these are listed below:

High-resolution mapping of vehicle emissions of atmospheric pollutants based on large-scale, real-world traffic datasets.​ 
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Development and evaluation of the RapidAir dispersion model, including the use of geospatial surrogates to represent street canyon effects.
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