Modelling and forecasting

Modelling and forecasting

Monitoring, modelling and forecasting for effective air quality management

Ricardo is one of Europe’s leading air quality modelling and forecasting centres of specialist expertise.  Our modelling systems provide policy support for the UK Government in meeting its obligations to assess air quality and deliver plans to improve air quality and reduce the impacts throughout the country.  We designed, managed and operated the UK’s Air Quality Forecasting system for over 10 years.  We are now rolling out these models to provide evidence in support of air quality action planning for cities in the Middle East and China. We are experts in using and developing all the critical air quality modelling systems, including:

  • ADMS 5 and ADMS Roads
  • CMAQ
  • MAAQ/Pollution Climate Model (Ricardo’s bespoke model for UK-wide air quality)
  • RapidAir® (Ricardo’s bespoke urban model)
  • WRF

Ricardo is at the forefront of developing innovative new tools and systems for air quality modelling.  Our RapidAir® system enables city-scale air quality levels to be calculated and updated within a matter of minutes.  This enables policy options to be developed, tested and refined with more speed and responsiveness than ever before.

Rapidair air quality modelling system

Rapidair air quality modelling in London

Interactive RAPIDAIR models of air quality in London

RapidAir, used in a forecasting configuration, enables short-term air quality problems to be identified and action triggered such as updating public information messages for sensitive individuals through our Know & Respond service. Ricardo’s expertise was recognised through our appointment as the official air quality forecaster for the London 2012 Olympics.

We provide detailed air quality analysis to support high quality, responsible developments on behalf of developers, process operators and planning authorities.  We work on the most challenging and high profile plans and projects, including airports, onshore oil and gas and waste to energy installations, as well as development and delivering compliance with air quality standards in cities and at a national level throughout the world.

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Helping airports to reduce environmental impacts and deliver sustainable growth

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