Action plans

Action plans

Expert advice to enable you to take action on air quality

We are working with authorities around the world to deliver improvements in air quality where it matters most. 

Responsibility for designing and implementing air quality action plans lies with national and local authorities. We work closely with the responsible bodies every step of the way to provide the evidence and analysis needed to develop robust policy and actions. Our work is critical for:

  • Identifying the most cost-effective means of improving air quality.
  • Communicating and explaining the key issues.
  • Securing public and stakeholder input to, and support for, air quality improvement measures.

As part of this work, we deploy our air monitoring, inventory and modelling services. Crucially, we are able to build on this evidence base to develop compelling cases for effective and efficient interventions with the greatest co-benefits for greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and other environmental issues. We support this with cost-benefit analysis and regulatory impact assessment – drawing on our extensive work programme for the European Commission and national governments. This enables us to account for air pollution externalities, including the health benefits of improving air quality for local populations.  

We work closely with local, city and national authorities worldwide to complete this analysis, and build on our findings to develop engaging presentations of complex data. This enables those affected by air pollution, and those responsible for implementing solutions, to understand the reasons for action and to see how their involvement will deliver real benefits for local people. We offer bespoke training and capacity building to stakeholders at all levels. For example, our EMAQ+ training programme provides professional development training and technical guidance to environmental protection officers on air quality, emissions monitoring and contaminated land, and has been running for over 30 years.

As well as our well-established leading role in Europe, we are now deploying our air quality action planning expertise alongside authorities in Saudi Arabia, India and China.

We have drawn this expertise together into our innovative Urban Roadmaps Toolkit.

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